At Acres, we know how critical it is that the casino industry keeps up with technological advances to stay relevant and attract the players of the future. And there is no doubt that cashless is the future of casinos, as we’ve witnessed countless other industries embrace this trend. That’s why we’re excited about our newest innovation – Cashless Casino. Built on the power of our Foundation technology, we’ve set the stage for more casino operators to embrace the cashless future. 

The future is here

We built Cashless Casino with a focus on driving an easier and quicker implementation of cashless gaming functionality, enabling casino operators to deploy the industry’s best-of-breed cashless gaming and loyalty solution within 15 weeks of order. Cashless casino is the industry’s only solution capable of processing both real-time gaming data and conducting cashless transfers to and from any slot machine or table game. We believe this will allow for a more intuitive adoption of cashless gaming technology and a completely cashless casino gaming floor.

Cashless Casino also allows gaming operators to transition away from physical player cards, kiosks, and direct mail, all of which are quickly being abandoned by other industries. It also has the added benefits of maximizing operating efficiency and driving a better overall player experience.  

A peek under the hood

So, how does Cashless Casino work? Deploying the application is simple, as casinos only need to pick a payment processor and provide a mobile app. The casino’s app then becomes the user interface, ensuring that branding is fully compatible with the rest of the operator’s player-facing options. Players use the mobile app to virtually “card in” and start a rated play session. During play, point balances accrue in real-time and players are incentivized to continue playing when a new tier status is approaching. The payment processor of choice provides for the free flow of player funds between their funding source and the app’s wallet. Behind the scenes, Foundation allows the player’s funds, as well as accrued points which can be converted to free play, to move between the app’s wallet and the game. 

Cashless Casino works on any slot machine or table game, including those connected to casino management systems from Aristocrat, IGT, Konami and Light & Wonder. These legacy solutions continue to account for play and loyalty data, while Foundation processes the entire machine event stream in real-time, resulting in over a thousand times more data being provided to the casino. Over time, casinos can migrate all functionality to Foundation and remove the legacy system without any disruption to their loyalty, reporting or analytics programs, resulting in millions of dollars saved annually in hardware and maintenance fees.

Why go cashless?

While many casinos have already embraced cashless technology, it’s understandable that some operators may be hesitant. But the benefits for both casinos and players makes it an easy choice. Early deployments of Foundation cashless gaming have proven that cashless players increase their play and visitation, and incorporating innovative player loyalty features into Cashless Casino is a key differentiator in the player experience. In short, Cashless Casino enables operators to significantly improve their connection and engagement with players.

For operators, implementing DIY cashless gaming can quickly become a burdensome project with the limitations of decades-old legacy casino management systems creating barriers to integrating a payment processor and user interface. Additionally, solving for dispute resolution and regulatory compliance have dramatically slowed industry adaptation of cashless gaming. But Cashless Casino addresses these challenges by making the rollout easy and intuitive, allowing operators to focus on player education and the gaming entertainment experience. With Cashless Casino, you’re up and running within 15 weeks of placing your order.

Keep innovating

The Acres name has been synonymous with groundbreaking and innovative casino technology for four decades, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. With Cashless Casino, we’re pushing the industry forward to reinvigorate an industry we love. The future of the casino industry is dependent on adapting to and embracing the technology that is moving our world forward. The future is here – don’t miss out.