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We live in a world where the term “disruption” has become mainstream. From car sharing to how we watch movies to food delivery, disruptive business models and technologies have touched just about every industry. Here at Acres, we’ve been disrupting the casino industry for decades and are continuing to roll out innovative technology to improve a long-stagnant industry.

Our founder, John Acres is a legend in the industry, having invented electronic player tracking back in 1981 and digital progressive jackpots in 1985. He continued innovating and founded Acres Bonusing and Acres Advantage in 1992 which was acquired by IGT in 2003. This history of innovation is what’s creating the future of gaming, and earned John a spot in the Gaming Hall of Fame in 2016. It’s also what keeps us going to help businesses change and evolve with technology.

Change or Become Obsolete

Technology in the casino industry has been in an idle state for decades. But, on the other side of the coin, gaming as we know it is changing and it’s imperative that casinos find ways to keep up and stay relevant. At Acres, we’re driving rapid innovation to improve the player experience, unlock new channels of engaging with players, and at the same time revitalize the industry. We like to say we’re doing to the gaming industry what the iPhone did to the cell phone industry.

Open Platform and APIs

Up until now, everything in the industry has been a black box. Acres Foundation is changing that with the first real time and open data streaming platform that allows Operators to democratize their data – giving it to anyone within their organization that needs or wants it. Additionally, this open platform allows Operators to work together with their technology partners to create additional capabilities using their Acres Foundation data feed and API interfaces.

It’s not just the Operators who benefit from our open platform, any company that wants to build a solution using our data feed and APIs can do so. We’re working with a number of non-operator technology partners to help them build data driven products supporting their Operator customers.

Real Time Event Stream, Data Driven Bonusing & Modern Cashless for Slots and Tables

Acres Foundation, at its core, provides Operators with real-time data feeds and the ability to unlock and leverage modern data technologies like stream processing and streaming machine learning models to offer modern data driven bonuses, better understand players, get real time insights into a players gaming session, and drive customer loyalty like never before.

In addition to our data feed, our APIs allow for a frictionless and enjoyable cashless gaming experience at both slots and tables that seamlessly integrates into an Operator’s player app for a unified and consistent player experience. We are also payment provider agnostic which means the Operator can pick the payment provider that makes the most sense for its organization.

Fast Deployment and No Changes to Existing Systems

Not only does our technology bring the industry to the next level, it’s easy to install and deploy. We’ve compressed 20 years of technology adoption into rapid deployment cycles all without touching or modifying existing backend systems. How do we do that? Acres Foundation is infrastructure agnostic with existing Operator CMS systems. We are plug-n-play and Acres Foundation unlocks its real time data feed and APIs without any costly upgrade to legacy systems.

Acres’ technology is easy to install and can deliver cashless capabilities and real time data feeds in a short deployment window (watch this video to see it in action). Your team can also get trained quickly on how to get it installed and ready to go.

There’s more to come

As Acres’ Chief Technology Officer, I have the privilege of ensuring that our technology strategy and execution aligns with the Acres vision to completely disrupt this industry (again!).  Our systems enhance player loyalty and Operator profitability with technology that is 100% open, modern, and easy to deploy.

There’s more to come as we continue to disrupt the gaming industry and bring new technologies to our customers. Keep watching this space to see what’s next.


Patrick Bland is the Chief Technology Officer at Acres Technology and is new to the gaming industry. Patrick’s background includes various engineering and consulting roles in the legal technology, big data, and cybersecurity industries. Patrick is excited to bring his unique perspectives and modern technologies to this industry that have been successful with other technology organizations.