Don’t Be Theoretical
About Player Value

Player budget identifies spend threshold for every player.

Maximize the value of every player relationship​

Player Budget leverages Foundation’s real-time data stream to set a benchmark for the largest in-session loss for every player.

Knowing each player’s personal spend limits and preferences allow casinos to issue pinpoint marketing offers that prioritize the players with the deepest pockets.

Protect problem gamblers and maximize AML compliance

Casinos using Player Budget are notified in real time when a player shows signs of unhealthy or compulsive behavior, such as dramatically increased spend or time limits.

AML efforts are enhanced by real-time alerts of suspicious or fraudulent activity, such as a large currency insertion with minimal play.


Burdened with legacy hardware that can’t evaluate real-time play data, casinos can only approximate value using a “Average Daily Theoretical” metric which is flawed and easily manipulated.  The result is tens of billions of dollar in lost profits each year due to inefficient marketing offers.

Player Budget maximizes casino profitability by replacing outdated theoretical values with precise, personal limits.

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