Ticket In

Bonus Out

Take ticketing to the next level with TIBO

Introducing: TIBO (Ticket In Bonus Out)

Transform the ticketing experience by issuing data-driven bonus tickets from a slot machine’s ticket printer. With ticket printing technology installed almost universally on slots worldwide, TIBO elevates the player experience by providing tangible that can be redeemed for cash, free play, merchandise, and more.

Upgrade Your Ticketing Experience

TIBO is the very first feature upgrade to casino ticket redemption technology in nearly 30 years.

Ticket-in Ticket-Out (TITO) debuted decades ago when coins were the prevalent slot machine currency.  In those days, a cash out would result in coins being dumped into the coin tray and the player would have to tote the coins to their next machine, and TITO provided players an easier way to move around the casino. 

TIBO allows the same vanilla cash-out functionality of TITO with the added capability of delivering real-time ticket bonuses on command.  TIBO allows casinos to print bonus tickets automatically triggered by an underlying game event, or even initiated by the player via the casino’s cashless app.

The Real-Time Data Difference

Get to know the game-changing invention at the heart of our casino transformation solutions.

Foundation is the only casino technology capable of delivering a real-time data feed from any slot machine.  Leveraging real-time data allows casinos to measure and predict both the player’s experience and the player’s value during the gaming session.  Any of these events can be used to earn or trigger a bonus ticket print to make the player experience more fun, rewarding and profitable to the casino!