Yes.  Every data event is reported in real-time.

Yes, all machine data is reported in real-time.

Foundation can change the credit meter through the AFT transaction function in the SAS protocol.

A real-time transaction engine called the Blender contains real-time events from every machine in the casino and can also process events from external data sources.  Specific events from these external data sources can trigger changes to the credit meter on any slot machine at any moment.

A payment processor interfaced to the Blender can command Foundation to change the credit meter on any specific game at any moment.  Foundation works with any payment processor and can be integrated with any mobile app, website, or other user interfaces.

Foundation is an incredibly powerful floor-wide bonusing system.  Any trigger event – in machine or out – can trigger a reward credit to any game at any moment.  The same event can also trigger an entertaining “reveal” sequence or game onto any display, mobile device, or sound system.

Foundation enables casinos a massive capability upgrade without the risk or inconvenience of losing existing functionality.
Foundation connects directly to the slot machine and is able to reproduce SAS port access for the legacy system.  This means all data still flows into the legacy system environment, which retains all abilities, including implementation of points, bonuses, etc.

Casinos can remove legacy systems once all mission-critical tasks are ported over to Foundation.  Foundation enables casinos to transition away from legacy systems at their own pace.

All Foundation network communication utilizes the latest encryption standards (TLS 1.3).
Furthermore, APIs require mTLS for authentication.

Any machine running SAS version 6.02 or greater is compatible with Foundation.  This means any game produced around 2005 or later will work.  Versions of SAS 5 are also compatible on a case-by-case basis.

Foundation connects directly to the slot machine’s SAS port and can feed data to a downstream legacy system.  As a result, the legacy system collects data from Foundation.

Foundation installs in 2 minutes per game and can be done by slot techs or other casino employees.