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The premier technology partner for complex design and implementation projects worldwide.


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With more than 50 years of gaming experience, Acres Advisors is the premier technology “owner’s rep” for complex design, development, construction, and implementation projects worldwide. We offer services in technology design, procurement, implementation, project planning, casino operations, training, support, and network infrastructure. Specializing in overseeing technology for gaming, hospitality, and operations, we create tailored plans for management, training, and operations during openings and growth.

We support casino management and regulatory agencies, handling technology implementation and operational success. Our strategies focus on delivering efficient technology installations, operational reviews, management, and actionable recommendations for casino operators and regulators.

Step 1

Design & Build

Resort Design and Construction Oversight

Step 2

Plan & Implement

Project Planning, Management & Technology Implementation

With comprehensive technology plans to guide your business from solution selection through post-implementation support,  Acres Advisors coordinates project plans and processes with your team members, vendors, and service providers to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Step 3

Results-Oriented Analysis

Results oriented analysis examines gaming operations to review gaming device performance, progressive link review, and gaming database audit to assess current business models and recommend operational shifts to support changing business needs.

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