Whether you’re an avid player or have never set foot in a casino, the slot machine is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gambling. And that’s no surprise considering it’s one of the oldest (it’s believed the first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey in 1887!), and most popular casino games ever invented. And while casinos today are populated with a variety of games, the slot machine remains a tried and true money maker for operators and a draw for players. 

As technology and creativity have evolved, there are now a myriad of slot machines available at land-based casinos (in addition to the ever-popular online versions), and we’re continuing to see new trends emerge that keep these games at the top of most players’ favorites list (including our  very own Foundation™ technology).

5 Slot Machine Trends to Watch

  • Cash on Reels games. While this isn’t a new trend, it’s certainly one with plenty of staying power. However, the diversity of Cash on Reels games is broadening to include more than just clones of Hold and Spin style games. These new versions include features such as unlocking more reels if you get a certain number of prizes or the Hit & Win feature that allows a player to collect prizes along the way.


  • Open interfaces. Legacy vendors keep casinos’ data under lock-and-key and charge a fee to access it. At Acres, we’ve changed all that so operators can access and customize their slot machines’ data as they need. Foundation provides casinos with real-time player data and the ability to change the credit meter on any slot machine on command. This gives operators invaluable information about customer behavior and offers players a more exciting gaming experience.


  • The triple accumulator. Avid slot machine players are familiar with the traditional accumulator experience such as pots and fireworks that slowly fill up and eventually explode into a bonus. But the triple accumulator format is becoming more common with each accumulator enhancing a bonus, such as the picking bonus for the red pot on Coin Combo and the green and blue being combined into larger reel sets in the bonus. We’ll probably see more of this format since it seems that players enjoy chasing that rare triple accumulator trigger.


  • Frenzy mode. We’ve already seen several games utilize this feature (think Shark Week or Cashnado) so we wouldn’t be surprised to see more of the frenzy mode. This feature includes a timer that counts down to a special mode that includes a bonus only available during that mode which. This can get a player excited to chase down that bonus (which actually happens fairly frequently, making it even more fun to play).


  • Variations on a theme. Many slot machine companies have been expanding or tweaking their popular offerings to create features that wow customers without reinventing the wheel. For example, multiple companies have rolled out variations on Wild Wild type games, where wilds appear on the first two reels, and cash on reels that follow and are collected in various forms. Additionally, others are releasing games that are minor variations on their previous successful games to accompany new cabinets.

What Will the Future Bring?

While casino operators will certainly continue to experiment and try out new methods to keep players playing, we think it’s safe to say that slot machines will continue to be a mainstay for most brick-and-mortar casinos. The key to keeping these games fun and relevant for a new generation of players will be continued innovation, such as more customized experiences. That’s why we created Precision Bonusing, an interface that lets operators add big, bold bonuses to any machine on the floor. Whether the goal is to keep a player engaged during a losing streak or drive excitement to a specific game, Precision Bonusing gives casinos the opportunity to customize their players’ experience to what they need in any moment. 

At Acres, we’ll continue to empower operators to leverage our technology to create exciting slot machine experiences that keep their customers coming back, and take the industry into the future.Curious to learn more about our technology?  Schedule a chat!