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Here at Acres, we love the gaming industry. We’ve been part of it (some might say we’ve been pioneers) since 1972, and we’re dedicated to reinvigorating the industry to ensure it’s around for decades to come. We recently wrote about how the industry can adapt to attract a younger generation of players, and in this blog, we’ll dive into five trends that will shake up the business.

  1. Crypto will dominate
    At this point, it’s safe to say that crypto is no passing fad and the gaming industry has taken note. Many online gaming platforms already accept crypto for gambling and payment and we think many more will jump on the bandwagon in the coming months. For many players, the ease, enhanced security, and anonymity makes crypto their preferred method for deposits, withdrawals, and gameplay. While traditional payments will remain in play, for many operators, crypto may slowly replace these old methods for both land-based and online casinos.
  2. Bigger and better slot machines
    For most brick and mortar casinos, slot machines have been their bread and butter and have sometimes occupied more than 80 percent of floor space. And while many operators will need to incorporate more gameplay and VR-inspired pursuits (more on that later) slot machines can continue to keep players engaged and interested. But, they will need an upgrade. Our platform, Foundation, makes it easy to level up slot machines – for both operators and players. Foundation allows any slot machines to connect to any app, offering casino operators critical real-time data, while players can access loyalty and cashless transactions in a single mobile interface. Improving and upgrading the old guard of slot machines can ensure that 80 percent of floor space pays off.
  3. More live dealers
    Just as many players shifted from in-person gambling to online games, so too have the standard casino elements, including live dealers. Many online players prefer platforms where they can play games with a real, live dealer – just like they would at an in-person casino. In response, more online casinos are leveraging technology to incorporate real tables and dealers to enhance their online game offerings. For example, the use of fun and exciting live dealers for games such as Blackjack and Baccarat have become increasingly popular. And for land-based casinos, they’re sharpening their focus to ensure they have the most dynamic and charismatic dealers to keep players entertained and engaged.  
  4. The rise of VR-based gaming
    Virtual reality has taken video games by storm and the wave is cresting for the gambling industry, too. With VR accessories becoming less expensive and more accessible to the general public, more players will be expecting VR-based games and casinos to give them a truly immersive experience from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, quarantines and lockdowns from the pandemic have only accelerated the public’s appetite for more engaging and dynamic gambling experiences that can safely mirror the glitz, glamor, and fun of land-based casinos.
  5. Smart Watches = new gaming experiences
    For years, players have used their mobile devices to place bets and play games and now they can add their smart watch to their arsenal. Take a quick glance at just about anyone’s wrist and you’ll probably spot a smart watch. And that comes as no surprise as the industry is predicted to reach $690 billion by 2028. With more gaming developers crafting new games that can be integrated into all types of devices – including smart watches – we think this will be a new frontier for the gambling industry, and one that will allow for the optimal mix of online gaming technology with an in-person experience. 

Just like other industries, technology and trends will inform and shape the future of the casino business. Whether it’s better slot machines, VR-based games, or the use of crypto, the gaming industry has exciting, and innovative, times ahead.

And speaking of innovative, are you curious to learn more about how Foundation works? Reach out to schedule a demo today.