This is a customer facing systems engineering role supporting our field software engineering team from both a pre-sales and post-sales support perspective.

This role requires a well rounded technical background with the ability to troubleshoot many components of the modern IT infrastructure stack — networking, storage, VMware/Virtualization technologies, linux based operating systems, infrastructure as code (Terraform, Puppet, Chef, etc) — to ensure our customers’ environments have the connectivity and configurations necessary for our technology to function properly prior to engaging any software engineering resources for deeper code level analysis.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Acres Internal Support Activities:
  • Providing guidance on where we are seeing issues with field deployments.
  • Making recommendations for improvements in our support process.
  • Documentation of fixes / work arounds when problems have been diagnosed and remediated.
  • Assisting with internal systems support for our development teams.
  • Function as primary technical point of contact for pre-sales and post-sales activities.
  • Pre-sales activities include:
  • Coordinating with customer IT and slot teams to ensure proper connectivity and configuration of servers, network, storage, security tools, etc. allowing for successful deployments of our technologies in customer lab tests, floor trial tests, and moving to full production across the casino floor.
  • Working with customer IT teams to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve issues impeding our ability function at 100% due to customer environment problems / configurations / IT infrastructure / etc.
  • Assisting with Proofs of Concepts – installation and configuration of Acres hardware in customer lab environments and on the floor for live floor tests
  • Answer customer questions and present to technology related audiences on the underlying Acres technical infrastructure
  • Post-sales activities include:
  • Responding to customer support requests – providing initial triage / investigation of customer reported issues.
  • Assisting with training, installation, and configuration of Acres solutions at the customer’s location – either remotely or in person.

Required Qualifications:

Soft Skills

  • Someone eager to be part of this team as we disrupt this industry yet again. We are shrinking 20 years of technology improvements into a 3 month adoption cycle for our customers. Buckle up.
  • Customer facing persona – ability to interact with customers to ensure they are happy with the services and technology we’re delivering to them, ask questions to ensure we understand problems they’re facing, and ability to build a rapport with their supporting teams.
  • Lifelong learner – ability to understand new concepts and technologies.
  • Ability to ask the right questions to customers when identifying a potential problem impacting a proof of concept, live floor test, or at a production environment.

Technical Skills

  • Deep understanding of the modern IT infrastructure ecosystem – virtualization (VMWare, HyperV, etc), containers, networking, storage, Linux operating systems.
  • Hands on experience managing virtualized environments, storage systems, servers, routers, switches, etc.
  • Administration and configuration of network technologies (DHCP, DNS, IP addressing and subnetting)
  • Strong troubleshooting skills – diagnosing, identifying, and resolving technical issues related to supporting systems (i.e., customer not providing caged resources in their VMware environment when requested for certain applications, network misconfiguration causing network partitions or lack of connectivity).
  • Familiarity with linux based troubleshooting tools – such as netstat, ifconfig, nslookup, route, top, ps, etc.
  • Use of curl and/or Postman to test API endpoints
  • Bash / Perl / Powershell and/or Python Scripting abilities – read and understand existing scripts, modifying existing scripts to solve a problem we or a customer is experiencing.
  • Experience working with support ticketing tools (ZenDesk, FreshDesk, Salesforce, etc)
  • Experience using JIRA and Confluence for work management and documentation creation

Desired Qualifications:

Gaming Domain Related

  • Experience coming through the ranks as a slot floor technician supporting the gaming floor prior to moving into the IT department as a systems engineer or systems administrator.
  • Familiarity with Serial based communication technologies – RS282, RS485, etc.
  • SAS protocol knowledge and experience configuring EGMs
  • Understanding of AFT transfers and how to configure EGMs to support them
  • Understanding of Casino Management System (CMS) landscape
  • System administration experience of CMS systems (IGT Advantage, Konami, SciGames ACSC, SciGames SDS, etc.)

Other Technology Experience

  • Understanding of modern data repositories (S3, RDBMS (MySQL / PostgreSQL / MSSQL / etc), NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Redis), TimeSeries databases (InfluxDB, Prometheus, TimeScaleDB, etc)
  • Understanding of and troubleshooting experience of modern data pipelines (websockets, apache kafka, rabbitmq, apache spark, etc.)
  • Splunk / Datadog / Elastic – any kind of systems monitoring experience
  • Infrastructure as Code Experience (i.e., Puppet / Chef / Ansible / Vagrant + Packer / Terraform)

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