Foundation enables players to intuitively fund slots and tables via their mobile devices.  Casinos can easily interface non-gaming payment terminals, allowing a single wallet solution across the entire operation.  Layered with real-time data and bonusing capability, Foundation causes the mobile device to become an integral component of the player experience.
This best-of-breed solution is also the quickest and easiest path to cashless gaming for virtually any casino.

Cashless to Slots

Approved transactions are implemented on the credit meter.

Cashless to Tables

A table-assigned mobile device instructs the dealer.

Maximum Flexibility

  • Any mobile app
  • Any payment processor
  • Any wallet or value store
  • Any slot machine
  • Any table game
  • No system transaction fees

Acres Wallet

The Foundation Wallet incorporates gaming-specific elements such as Cash, Free Play, Points, Drawing Entries, and more.

Foundation is an open system, and the use of the Foundation Wallet is not required.  A casino can implement any wallet of its choice, and integration with multiple wallets is supported.

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