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Tweets, Instagram stories, TikTok challenges, the next great streaming show, Alexa, Siri…Our lives are filled (some might say inundated) with almost limitless choices to entertain and inform us. And it’s all available literally at our fingertips. As such, businesses of all stripes have to get creative and innovative to find ways to attract new customers and keep current ones happy.

For casinos competing with online games customers can play at home, in addition to other brick-and-mortar operators, finding ways to optimize the player experience is critical to keeping the doors open. Thankfully, technology offers a great way for casinos to keep players playing – data integration. That might sound boring, but at Acres, it’s the secret sauce for next-level bonusing and wowing the crowd.

Everyone loves to win

The very nature of gambling means that customers will lose – at least sometimes. But casinos have to find ways to keep them fulfilled and happy, even when lady luck isn’t in their corner. Enter bonusing. Rewards and incentives, loyalty programs, and free food or drinks are just a few of the tactics casinos have long employed to keep customers happy. Some casinos may offer a high roller a free night at their hotel as an incentive to keep playing (and to come back) while others use increasingly attractive prize levels and notifications to encourage a player to keep making additional bets during a losing streak.

Whichever method a casino chooses to use to reward customers, it often involves a dedicated team to keep the program running, market and promote it, and execute on the bonuses. That can eat into time and resources that might be better spent elsewhere. But what’s a better option?

Acres bonusing

The Acres name is synonymous with groundbreaking casino technology and we’ve been innovating ways to surprise and delight players for more than four decades. Our latest technology, Foundation, has opened the door for casinos to truly leverage and optimize their data to boost profits and improve the player experience. Taking it a step further, we’ve created the most powerful bonusing engine out there. One that uses multiple data sources, creates a diverse set of actions, and is accessible from an array of platforms.

Let’s start with the trigger. Our technology lets casinos use their action of choice – such as a touchdown during an NFL game or a player’s losing (or winning) streak – to give players a boost right when they need it. From there, the player can view and access their bonus from wherever they are – whether it’s their mobile device or the closest TV screen. Casinos also have the option to reward customers with cashable or non-cashable credits directly to a credit meter – and make changes in real-time.

Here are a few more sources and displays that work with Acres bonusing:

Next-level bonusing

On top of our powerful bonusing engine, we’ve just launched Precision Bonusing™, a bonusing platform that’s compatible with any slot machine connected to Foundation. Precision Bonusing™ is a suite of bonus applications that is highly configurable, allowing casino operators to adjust the bonus pay table, trigger events, and even the theme and appearance of the player-facing bonus sequence. The platform is totally customizable and casinos can easily integrate their own branded content into exciting bonuses on the casino floor.

Precision Bonusing™ can also optimize the player experience by giving them a chance to win cash and prizes beyond the pay table offered by the slot machine. And it’s all delivered straight to their mobile device. 

Personalization is king

So much of what makes Acres’ bonusing engine so powerful is the personalization for both players and casinos. Whether it’s a recommendation for a movie or what to get for lunch, most consumers expect personalized experiences. With our bonusing technology, you can optimize your customers’ experience by offering rewards or bonuses that meet their needs at the moment. And by customizing the delivery mechanism, casinos can ensure players never miss an opportunity to get rewarded.

For casino operators, making real-time adjustments to credit meters and leveraging real-time triggers, can minimize players abandoning a game and encourages them to come back. And no matter how a casino operates, they can make the bonusing engine work for them. No more waiting (or paying extra) for your data, no more lag time in getting a customer a bonus, no more extra time spent executing a bonus program.

The player of the future is already here

With the primary demographic of casinos aging out, it’s imperative that the gaming industry finds new and innovative ways to attract – and keep – the next generation of players. Instant gratification reigns supreme and can be a useful tool for keeping players engaged, happy, and coming back for more.

Curious to see Foundation in action? Reach out and schedule a demo