In recent years, gaming revenues have stagnated while internet revenues have experienced explosive growth

Your competition isn’t just other casinos, it’s the Internet

Smartphone users want individualized experiences that are delivered or heightened by a mobile platform. Unable to adapt to shifting consumer tastes, casinos have seen revenue and player expansion slow to a crawl, particularly in slots. 

These are the tools needed to fuel massive revenue growth

Foundation collects over 1000x more player data than slot systems today, and makes it instantly shareable to any interface you authorize. The result is an entertaining, mobile and connected experience anywhere the player goes.

Foundation™ is Transformative Slot Technology that Grows Revenues

Today’s consumers demand experiences that are data-driven, personalized, mobile-integrated and cashless. Casinos will rapidly expand revenues when these consumer needs are fulfilled, but outdated casino systems technology stands in the way.

Foundation empowers casinos to leverage data just like Facebook or Amazon to provide its customers with a thrilling, personalized experience anywhere they go.


A progressive casino needs state-of-the-art technology. With Foundation™ you can modernize your gaming floor while also maximizing your profits.


Foundation cashless is fast, accurate  and reliable. But even that won’t be enough to sway widespread cashless adaptation. That’s why our cashless includes all loyalty redemptions and a bonusing platform that works on any game or mobile phone.


Precision Bonusing™ makes any machine on your gaming floor bonusing-ready, with players able to win at the machine or on their mobile device.  This is the new frontier of bonusing and your brand should be at the forefront.


Foundation collects over 1000x more data than existing slot systems.  With this technology you can sharpen player reinvestment and marketing efficiency, make stronger game buying decisions and incentivize players in the moment to increase their spend. 


Kai directs frontline employees to conduct customer interactions.  Whether it’s performing a needed machine service or hand-delivering a unique bonus game to the player, Kai keeps your employees and players happy while increasing your revenues. 

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