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Casinos are often associated with adventure and glamor, and have an air of mystery around them. Hollywood has probably played a hand in that (thanks, James Bond) but casinos have always attracted high rollers, movie stars, and musicians, along with the more everyday person. As with most things that get romanticized, myths and half-truths about casinos abound – from the silly to the fantastic. So, we’re going to play the role of mythbuster and walk you through five common misconceptions around casinos – and what is actually true.

Five popular casino myths – busted!

  1. Card counting is illegal. This is one we likely all know from the movies – the team of card sharks risking certain jail time to cheat casinos out of their money. But the reality is, counting cards is not illegal, nor is it a surefire way to win limitless money. Don’t get us wrong, a casino operator will most certainly ask you to leave if they catch you cheating in any way, but technically this is not a crime. 
  2. Oxygen is pumped into casinos. This is a myth so pervasive that most folks staunchly believe it to be true. The alleged reasoning is that pumping in additional oxygen keeps players more energized and alert so they’ll keep gambling. This is definitely untrue. For starters, a business can’t just pump a gas into their establishment without disclosing it to their customers. Secondly, the cost of such an endeavor would not make it worthwhile to a casino’s bottom line. 
  3. The games are rigged for the house. While electronic games certainly have to be programmed, they’re not rigged to always win in favor of the casino. However, games do have a house edge, which is widely known by players (and if you don’t know that, consider doing some homework). But at the end of the day, rigging games so only casinos win just isn’t necessary or worth the risk of alienating customers.  
  4. Players are statistically due for a win. Many gamblers think that if they lose enough, they’ll eventually get a win. For example, if you’ve bet on black four times in a row and it’s come up red each time, the next time you bet on black it’s a nearly-sure thing that you’ll win. The flaw in this thinking is that several spins don’t “add up.” Each spin is its own independent action with its own odds. So if the ball landed on red the last time, there’s a roughly 50% chance it will land on red next time. If it’s landed on red for the last 30 spins, there’s still a roughly 50% chance it will be red on the next one. 
  5. You only win with luck. Don’t get us wrong, luck is certainly a major factor in every game on the casino floor. But, an intentional strategy can also make a difference. For example, slots seem like the classic game of chance and most players think there’s little to no skill involved. However, there are ways you can improve your odds of winning. Factors such as game selection, bet size, and money management can all play a role in hitting the jackpot. So while you do want lady luck on your side, you can find ways to entice her over to you.

You learn something new everyday

Hopefully we’ve opened your eyes around these longstanding and popular casino myths. While it can be fun to keep some of the mystery and adventure surrounding casinos, it’s also important to understand what’s really going on to make your next even more enjoyable (and maybe increase your chances of winning!).

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