Modern Casino Management

What's happening in the casino industry?

Casino revenues are flat since 2007.

Slot revenues have decreased since 2007.

2007 was the year iPhone was introduced, changing consumer preferences of younger generations.

Players under age 50 account for less than 20% of slot revenues.


The lack of innovation in casino loyalty solutions is the single largest cause of the decline and aging of the slot machine player base. The technology behind casino loyalty is stuck in the last century and geared to a time before TITO revolutionized the slot floor.

In addition, casino loyalty technology has fallen behind as slot machine technology has consistently advanced over the last 20 years to keep up with changes in player behavior and preference – including through the addition of new pay-lines and bonusing concepts, more immersive screens and modern graphics and audio packages – and suppliers consistently introduce new and popular themes to drive play and engagement.

Attracting a younger
Generation of players

A substantial portion – approximately 30% – of today’s slot revenue is from players aged 70 or greater. With an average U.S. life expectancy of 77 years, the casino industry must act now to lower its dependence on older players.

While the implementation of cashless gaming and the development of new non-gaming amenities at casino properties have demonstrated their ability to help attract and engage younger guests, more needs to be done to enhance this engagement. The solution, in part, must lie in the modernization of the vastly outdated casino loyalty technology that underlies today’s slot floors.

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