Going Cashless: The Future of Gaming

December 14, 2021

Going Cashless the Future of Gaming

We’ve all become accustomed to tapping our phone or credit card to make everyday purchases. From groceries to coffee to gas, cashless payments have sped up transactions, and in light of the COVID pandemic, helped keep us safer and healthier. But the gaming industry has lagged behind, with few cashless options available to players on the casino floor. At Acres, we believe cashless will be the new norm and we offer innovative technology to make it easy for customers and casinos to adopt this technology. Why Go Cashless? While there have been early adopters of cashless technology, we think it’s time for the widespread use of cashless across casinos. Cashless offers multiple benefits to both players and casinos, including:

  • Optimizing the player experience. Properties can control slot data and credit meters in real-time to ensure the best player experience.
  • Driving loyalty and increasing revenue. By sending real-time messages, game add-ons and bonuses, and facilitating cashless transfers, casinos can encourage longer game play and keep players coming back.
  • Empowering players. With cashless technology such as Foundation, players are empowered to intuitively fund slots and tables using their mobile devices.
  • Prioritizing safety and convenience. In the tactile world of casino gaming, cashless allows for a safer, cleaner, and more convenient environment where fewer people are handling cash and players can access their money from anywhere at any time. 
  • Improving operational efficiencies. Cashless gaming helps casinos reduce time spent on machine maintenance and eliminates the cash handling errors that can occur when handling large volumes of cash and coins. 


The Acres Cashless Difference While there are several cashless solutions out there, Acres has been at the forefront of advancing this technology for the gaming industry. With Foundation, casinos can easily interface non-gaming payment terminals, allowing a single wallet solution across the entire operation. Layered with real-time data and bonusing capability, Foundation causes the mobile device to become an integral component of the player experience. This best-of-breed solution is also the quickest and easiest path to cashless gaming for virtually any casino. The Acres Wallet Acres offers its own virtual wallet – the Acres Wallet – which incorporates gaming-specific elements such as Cash, Free Play, Points, Drawing Entries, and more. But the best part is that Foundation is an open system, and the use of the Acres Wallet is not required to go cashless. A casino can implement any wallet of its choice, and integration with multiple wallets is supported. We want casinos to use the technology that works best for them and allow for maximum flexibility. With Foundation, casinos can use any mobile app, payment processor, wallet or value store, slot machine or game table. And there are no system transaction fees.  The Future is Now Cashless is already here, and we know that it will only be a matter of time before more and more casinos embrace this technology. It’s time for the gaming industry to catch up and leverage the power of innovative technologies. From maximizing the player experience to increasing operational efficiencies, to boosting revenue, cashless is win-win for players and casinos alike.