How Casinos Can Leverage Loyalty Programs

March 13, 2023

From grocery stores to gas stations to gaming sites, it seems like most businesses have some kind of loyalty program to reward current customers and attract new ones. And since most people like the idea of being a part of something exclusive or unique, as well as getting access to discounts, freebies, and special offers, these programs have become increasingly popular. These programs are also a smart way to increase brand loyalty – after all, if you know there’s a proverbial pot of gold waiting for you, you’ll stick with that company.

The casino industry is another one that has leveraged reward programs, with most major operators offering one to keep current players coming back (and tantalizing new ones). And while most of these schemes are effective for casinos and popular with players, there’s still room for growth and personalization to take these rewards to the next level.

Reward programs are a sure bet

While research offers mixed conclusions on just how effective loyalty programs are, there are indications that they do their job. Studies have shown that members in the “elite” tier of hospitality loyalty programs report higher satisfaction and lodge fewer complaints. Of course, this could be explained by the personalized attention a customer at this level receives, but it does show a difference in the customer experience. Given the myriad of options players have when it comes to casinos (especially with the popularity of online games), loyalty programs are a win-win, with players receiving freebies and discounts and operators incentivizing repeat business.

For the casino industry, it’s vital to seek out methods to attract more customers – especially in times of crisis such as the pandemic or a recession – by dropping rates and making their loyalty programs more attractive. And the upside for operators is the treasure trove of customer behavior info they gain from transactional data, such as what games they play, where they eat, and where they stay. This information can offer invaluable insight into what customers like, key demographic data, and how to personalize offers and rewards. 

Spotlight on loyalty programs

Most loyalty programs function similarly – the more you play, the more you get. Consistent players can get anything from free gameplay to a complimentary three-course meal. However, since many operators enroll customers in their program differently (e.g., opting in or an automatic membership), some customers may not be aware that a loyalty program exists, how to enroll, or if they’re a member. And if that’s the case, both the player and the casino could be leaving a lot of value on the table. To truly leverage loyalty benefits, casinos must make sure that players are aware of these programs and that it’s easy for them to enroll. 

A few tactics to make customers aware of a rewards program include:

  • Advertise reward perks (and how to sign up) on digital screens throughout the casino
  • Implement a one-step sign-up process
  • Offer opportunities to sign up right at the slots and the tables
  • Leverage social media channels to promote the perks of joining the program


Acres is your loyalty program MVP

In addition to ensuring that customers are aware of loyalty programs, it’s also important for casinos to make the program as personalized and as appealing as possible. Most of us have come to expect customized, unique experiences in almost every aspect of our lives – from what we eat to what we watch – and this same expectation translates to experiences at casinos. Customers are also always looking for more exciting and rewarding experiences. This is when technology, such as Acres’ Precision Bonusing, can be an operator’s MVP. 

Precision Bonusing allows operators to interface to any sign, monitor, or slot and easily integrate their own branded content into exciting bonuses on the casino floor. Operators can adjust the bonus pay table, trigger events, and even the theme and appearance of the player-facing bonus sequence. And by customizing the delivery mechanism – whether at the slots or on a cell phone –  casinos can ensure players never miss an opportunity to get rewarded. 

Precision Bonusing is a game changer and a way for casinos to up the ante on their loyalty programs. Is a customer on a losing streak? Send a gaming credit to their phone to cheer them up and keep playing. Is a player intently watching a local sporting event? Send them a betting opportunity to take a chance on their hometown team. With personalized rewards and bonuses, players will feel like the casino really knows them and will keep coming back for more.

Plus, as cashless becomes the norm at more and more casinos, Precision Bonusing can trigger any in-game or real-world event, and players can receive bonuses through the game’s credit meter or their cashless wallet. Integrating Precision Bonusing into a mobile app also gives operators superpowers to issue bonuses and incentives to product return visits and incremental spending.

Keep the rewards coming

Loyalty programs can be an innovative way to attract new customers and keep current ones coming back. Offering perks, access to exclusive deals, freebies, and discounts can be a win-win for both players and casinos. But it’s also time for casinos to take this concept to the next level. At Acres, we’ve been pioneering new ways to reward customers and push the industry past the decades-old legacy systems that permeate land-based casinos. With Precision Bonusing, casinos can now deliver the types of real-time, data-driven, personalized rewards that customers have come to expect – and will keep them coming back. 

If you’d like to learn more about Precision Bonusing, schedule a chat today.