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Casinos have always needed to be concerned with security to keep their doors open (and customers playing) and it’s an element they’ve taken very seriously. As technology has evolved, casinos have had to scramble to ensure their security protocols keep up, and to stay one step ahead of bad actors. And the explosion of online gaming has required innovative solutions to keep even more information safer than ever before.

In this article, we’ll explore the tools casinos employ to keep their transactions safe – from in-person games to encrypted information online.

Casino vulnerabilities online and in-person

Brick and mortar casinos obviously have different security needs than an online one. Since their inception, in-person casinos have gone to great lengths to keep their operations safe. After all, they’re handling and managing tens of thousands of dollars (or more). And unfortunately, there are always individuals looking to get their hands on it by whatever means necessary. 

In this case, casinos typically employ a physical security team – such as security guards and highly trained tellers – to both deter criminals and respond to real-time situations. They also use surveillance teams which monitor activity through CCTV and information coming from the tables to ensure everything is on the up and up. With these methods, casinos keep a watchful eye on floor activities to protect their interests as well as keep their customers safe.

The evolution to online gaming created a whole new opportunity for thieves. In the online world, they may not be looking to only steal money but data and information as well – which can be just as valuable. In addition to financial transactions, online casinos store tons of customer information that can be vulnerable to hacks and leaks. 

Digital protection for a digital environment

While the security threats are different, digital technology also offers online casinos the opportunity to run a tighter and more secure operation within a tightly controlled environment. Operators in the online gaming world have implemented a variety of security measures to protect them, their customers, and to stay competitive. 

Examples of these protocols include:

Why this matters

Data and information security is a concern for just about every business and industry in today’s digital environment. For casinos that handle thousands of daily transactions and hold valuable customer data, it’s critically important they use the best protocols to keep their players safe, and their reputation intact. As technology evolves, so too will threats to information and data. But the casino industry (and the team here at Acres) is working hard to keep their operations and players safe.

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