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Data is the lifeblood for just about every industry out there today – from agriculture to manufacturing to education. And the gaming industry is no exception. Data collected from casino games holds invaluable information that can improve both the customer experience and the bottom line for casinos. But what happens when that data takes a long time to be collected or is hard to access? In this article, we’ll explore the challenges of old casino technology and how Acres is changing the game.

The benefits of gaming data

To understand what casinos miss out on when they don’t have the data they need when they need it, let’s start with the benefits of collecting and understanding data. 

What happens when you can’t access data?

Most of today’s gaming hardware was created in the 90’s and makes it time consuming and laborious to collect, let alone analyze, data. On top of that, this technology is kept under lock and key with only a few companies controlling access to gaming data. Under this model, casinos are charged a fee to access their data and could wait days or weeks to get the data – rendering it potentially useless by time they receive it. A lack of real-time data can be a critical setback, particularly if a game is experiencing technical issues or players are abandoning them. The ability to quickly and efficiently address problems could be the difference between keeping and losing customers.

Aside from the critical need to stay ahead of technical problems, not being able to readily access gaming data can create a lag in understanding player behavior. This information can help casinos optimize the player experience and make any needed adjustments to keep customers playing and coming back for more. Without this data, casinos are essentially flying blind and are left to react to customer complaints or machine malfunctions instead of proactively addressing minor issues before they become major ones. 

Unlocking real-time data with Foundation

Here at Acres, we understand how important it is for casinos to access their data and want to make gaming technology work for them. That’s why we created Foundation, which allows casinos to access real-time data from every slot machine to a transaction engine that can interface with any other data source, allowing a new dynamic between real-world and in-game events. Casinos can optimize the gaming experience by changing the credit meter balance on any game, for any reason, at any time. 

Foundation offers more than a thousand times more data reporting power than any management system and installs in just 2 minutes per game, without disrupting existing technology. With our technology, the control is back in the hands of the casino so they can leverage the power of data to target bonuses to specific players or floor-wide, send rewards in the midst of a losing streak to ensure long-term brand loyalty, and send in-game promotions or add-ons to any display, mobile device, or sound system.

We believe this is the future of gaming technology – where casinos can access their data quickly and easily to improve the player experience and take charge of their data collection and analysis.

See it in action

The best way to understand the power of Foundation is to see it in action. Check out our demo videos where you can learn more about our Cashless slots and tables, Tap-to-Win Bonusing, and Wallet. And if you’re still curious, reach out and schedule a demo!