Orange Blast Rules:

Eligible participants: All Platinum, Gold and Silver Attendees of the Indian Gaming Trade show.   Employees of NIGA, any NIGA Exhibitor, Clarion Events and any other show contractor is not eligible to participate. Participants may only download the app and register one time.  Participants must be 18 years or older.  Designated values in the app such as Cash, Free Play, Points or Credit have no monetary value and are only for the use of demonstration of the ACRES Cashless casino app at Booth 262 on 4/21/22 and 4/22/22. Any malfunction of the games or application may void the contest. Acres may change modify or cancel any or all elements of the contest without notice.

Entry is free by downloading Acres Manufacturing’s Orange Blast cashless gaming app from Apple App Store (iOS devices) or the Google Play Store (Android devices).  The App can be downloaded by scanning a QR Code on any Acres promotional material or at Apple and its subsidiaries is not a sponsor or involved in any way in this contest. Apple and its subsidiaries is not liable for any claims made by any participant of this contest.

How to Play: Earn virtual oranges by registering for Orange Blast and using the Orange Blast app to play slots and tables at the Acres booth at NIGA 2022. Each orange you earn can be sliced open to reveal a prize.

You will earn oranges for completing the following achievements:

Orange Blast prizes will be paid from two separate prize pools. The first prize pool will be distributed amongst players who complete the optional contact information fields at registration. The second prize pool will be distributed amongst players who complete one or more of the remaining achievements.

By completing all registration fields, including optional fields, and unlocking each of the remaining achievements, contestants can earn up to six virtual oranges from two distinct prize pools. Optional contact information fields can only be entered at the time of registration.
All achievements must be unlocked prior to 2PM on Friday, April 21. This means any orange earned after the deadline will be ineligible to win any prizes.

Oranges may be sliced open to reveal a prize beginning any time after 10AM on Thursday, April 20. Players will reveal their prizes by slicing open their virtual orange.

The Following is the inventory of prizes in the games.

Orange Blast Prizes

(1) Apple iPad Mini

(2) Oculus Meta Bundles

(10) $100 Amazon Gift Cards

(20) $50 Amazon Gift Cards

(200) $10 Starbucks Gift Cards

Winners may claim this prize at the ACRES booth 262 on the show floor by close of the show on Friday April 22. Those unable to claim their prize before the end of the show will be contacted by using the email provided on the registration. Winners of unclaimed prizes may also redeem by emailing by 5PM on Friday, May 6.