When we think about casinos the first thing that comes to mind is glitz, glamor, and gambling (and maybe buffets, too). The last thing we probably think of is data mining. That seems like a concept more fitting for tech or manufacturing companies. But the reality is, just about every personalized experience you have at a casino is thanks to data mining. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to see how casinos leverage the power of data (and how Acres helps) to keep customers happy and coming back for more.

The power of data mining

We previously talked about how important data is for casinos to stay competitive and keep customers playing. Unfortunately, much of that data can be difficult (or expensive) to access, but it is critical to how casinos operate. Here are just a few examples of how casinos are leveraging data mining: 

  • Using mobile apps to open doors and turn on lights. Most businesses these days have an app that is designed to enhance their customer service, and casinos are no different. Some casinos have apps that allow customers to skip the check-in line, unlock their room door, turn on the lights, and order room service. That’s the kind of ease and convenience that many of us have become accustomed to and will keep customers coming back to their favorite casino. Some casinos have apps that even function as a player’s card so what they gamble is automatically associated with their account. An additional benefit for casinos is that the data – such as preferences and daily habits – they collect can be used to further personalize and enhance the customer experience.

  • Keeping customers playing and happy. Casinos are using data collected from gaming tables and machines, mobile apps, and more to keep customers happy in near real-time. For example, our platform Foundation delivers real-time data from every slot machine to a transaction engine that can interface with any other data source, allowing a new dynamic between real-world and in-game events. An adaptable credit meter empowers casinos to change the player experience by adjusting the credit meter balance on any game, for any reason, at any time. So if a player is on a losing streak and about to give up, you can send them a reward directly to their phone to keep them from walking away (and maybe never coming back). This data also allows casinos to create player profiles and assess and manage risks for each player.

  • Funding slots without leaving the table. Layered with real-time data and bonusing capability, a player’s mobile device can become an integral component of their experience, including the ability to intuitively fund slots and tables. Using Foundation, casinos can easily interface non-gaming payment terminals, allowing a single wallet solution across the entire operation. The Foundation Wallet incorporates gaming-specific elements such as Cash, Free Play, Points, Drawing Entries, and more, allowing for personalized and real-time player experiences. Our best-of-breed solution is also the quickest and easiest path to cashless gaming for virtually any casino, which we know is the future of gaming

Data mining isn’t just for the tech world

The casino industry – and customers – can benefit exponentially by putting data and information to good use. While the glitz, glamor, and gambling isn’t going anywhere, casinos are taking the player experience to the next level by leveraging data mining. Whether it’s keeping a player at a game or getting a customer straight from the lobby to their room, data will continue to play a crucial role in keeping casinos competitive and customers on a roll.

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