Most of us have come to expect customized, unique experiences in just about every aspect of our lives. Streaming services recommend our next favorite movie, food delivery apps suggest what we should get for lunch, and podcast platforms serve up the latest episodes from our favorite genre of content. Just about every industry out there – from finance to healthcare to retail – has embraced this reality and now provides some form of a custom experience for their customers. And, the time has come for the casino business to do the same.  

While the industry has long provided unique experiences (think shows and five-star meals), these days, finding ways to target customer preferences and behaviors to create a one-of-kind experience is no longer a nice-to-do, it’s a must-have. Luckily (although unlike gambling, luck has little to do with it), Acres technology provides an easy and accessible way for casinos to take personalization to the next level.

Data Is Key
Data collected from casino games holds invaluable information that can help operators create custom experiences for players. This information can help create new games tailored to existing customers and allow casinos to craft effective strategies for bringing in new customers. At a time when the casino industry’s primary customers are aging out, this is imperative in understanding how to attract a new generation of players. 

Unfortunately, for many decades, this data has been difficult (and expensive) for casinos to access with legacy vendors, hindering a casino’s ability to understand and analyze customer behavior. That’s why we created Foundation, our game-changing technology which allows casinos to access real-time data from every slot machine to a transaction engine that can interface with any other data source, allowing a new dynamic between real-world and in-game events. 

And all of that can add up to a superior customized experience.

Casinos can optimize the gaming experience by changing the credit meter balance on any game, for any reason, at any time. With our technology, the control is back in the hands of the casino so they can leverage the power of data to target bonuses to specific players or floor-wide, send rewards in the midst of a losing streak to ensure long-term brand loyalty, and send in-game promotions or add-ons to any display, mobile device, or sound system. Real-time control of slot data and credit meters allow casinos to optimize each player experience for maximum profitability. And when interfaced to any other data source, casinos can service and thrill players like never before: funds can be sent from a player’s bank account to any slot machine, an NFL touchdown can trigger a bonus, and a losing streak can be instantly mitigated in the interest of long-term loyalty. Foundation can leave a player feeling like the casino is reading their mind – in a good way.

Bonusing Can Lead to Ideal Customization
In a world of seemingly limitless options for entertainment and fun, casinos are facing stiff competition to keep players engaged and coming back for more. They also have the added challenge of keeping players fulfilled and happy, even when lady luck isn’t in their corner. Enter bonusing. Rewards and incentives, loyalty programs, and free food or drinks are just a few of the tactics casinos have long employed to keep customers happy. Whatever method a casino chooses to employ to reward players, it’s critical that they can personalize the experience for customers. That’s why we launched
Precision Bonusing, a bonusing platform compatible with any slot machine connected to the Foundation casino management system. Much of what makes Acres’ bonusing engine so powerful is the personalization for both players and casinos. Operators can optimize their customers’ experience by offering rewards or bonuses that meet their needs at the moment. And by customizing the delivery mechanism, casinos can ensure players never miss an opportunity to get rewarded. With Precision Bonusing, operators can adjust the bonus pay table, trigger events, and even the theme and appearance of the player-facing bonus sequence.

This means that casinos can create truly unique experiences for each player through a fully customizable menu of rules and trigger events, and increase player excitement by offering opportunities to win cash and prizes beyond the pay table at the slots. And while legacy bonusing products deploy the same themes across multiple casinos, Precision Bonusing empowers casinos to differentiate themselves by integrating their unique brand identity into on-the-floor casino bonusing.

Personalization Is Win-Win
Crafting unique bonuses and events is obviously a win for customers – they get an exciting and enjoyable evening out (and maybe win a few bucks) – but personalization is a win for operators, too. The ability to make real-time adjustments to credit meters and leverage real-time triggers, can minimize players abandoning a game and encourage them to come back. And no matter how a casino operates, they can make the bonusing engine work for them. No more waiting (or paying extra) for your data, no more lag time in getting a customer a bonus, no more extra time spent executing a bonus program.

Plus, when casinos leverage the Acres technology, they can stay one step ahead of the competition and appear cutting-edge to customers. Our platform enables casinos to reveal and send cash and other prizes to mobile devices, which is the platform of choice for the modern consumer. With the average US adult spending over four hours per day on a smartphone, Precision Bonusing’s ability to interface a live gaming session to a player’s mobile device empowers casinos to influence players wherever they go.

Catching Up to Other Industries
With technology such as Foundation and Precision Bonusing, casinos can now deliver the type of real-time, data-driven, and personalized experiences that tech companies have used to fuel their rapid growth and garner brand loyalty. 

At Acres, we have made it our goal to reinvigorate the industry and bring it into the future. The customer of today expects tech-driven, personalized experiences, and with Acres, casinos can make that happen.

If you’re interested to learn more about Acres technology, schedule a time to talk today.