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Benefits of consolidating gaming payments

In a world of seemingly endless ways to make purchases – from tapping a card to sending cash online – we’ve all become accustomed to having choices for how we pay for products and services. And while these choices benefit both customers and vendors, it can be overwhelming and costly to keep track of multiple payment methods. This is no different for casinos, which offer customers the opportunity to play with cash, credit cards, and more. But what if there’s a better way? A way to make it easy for customers to keep playing and for operators to stay relevant and competitive? Consolidating payments is that better way.

What is payment consolidation?

Casino operators want to make it as easy as possible to  keep players playing. But with long lines at ATMs and multiple methods for cashing in on bonuses and rewards, it can be easy for players to get overwhelmed and abandon a game. But by consolidating payments onto one platform, operators can make it easy for players. At Acres, we’ve created a platform, the Acres Wallet, that enables players to intuitively fund slots and tables via their mobile devices. And the upside for operators is that they can easily interface non-gaming payment terminals, allowing for a single wallet solution across the entire operation. Easy for operators and easy for players.

What are the benefits?

Consolidating payments into one solution has upsides for operators and players alike that can both improve the player experience (resulting in repeat customers) and streamline casino operations. 

Changing the game with payment consolidation

As casinos seek out innovative ways to attract a new generation of players, consolidating payments is one way they can do exactly that. In a digital world filled with choices, people have come to expect ease, innovation, and a seamless experience in everything they do. A one wallet solution that allows for real-time data and bonusing, payment consolidation, and flexibility can take casinos into the future, increase revenues, attract new customers, and keep current ones.

If you’re curious to see how the Acres Wallet solution works and can improve your operations, contact us today for a demo, and visit our website to learn more about how we’re changing the game.