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The Data Revolution in Gaming Technology

The data revolution has reshaped how knowledge is produced, business is conducted, and governance is enacted. We know that good data can inform better decision making for organizations and governments, accurately track progress on various fronts such as rapid contract tracing, and improve the way businesses operate. In the gaming industry, the data revolution has gained traction at a slower pace, but it is happening. And at Acres, we’re at the forefront, pushing to make data open and accessible so the industry can innovate and improve its technology. 

Data in the gaming industry: a brief history

Data collected from casino games holds invaluable information that can improve both the customer experience and the bottom line for casinos. This data can help casinos optimize their games to attract new customers and keep current ones, tailor marketing strategies to reach the desired audience, and better communicate directly with game players. Unfortunately, for many decades, this data has been difficult (and expensive) for casinos to access with legacy vendors, creating a stagnancy in gaming technology. While other industries such as video games and mobile devices have exponentially grown and improved their technology (and experienced explosive growth), the gaming industry has only taken baby steps in any real changes to its technology. The data revolution has directly touched just about every industry, but only side swiped gaming.

Why do we need data?

One of the critical pieces to improving gaming technology is better access to data. A lack of real-time data can be a critical setback for an Operator, particularly if a game is experiencing technical issues or players are abandoning them. The ability to quickly and efficiently address problems could be the difference between keeping and losing customers.

Aside from the critical need to stay ahead of technical problems, not being able to readily access gaming data can create a lag in understanding player behavior. This information can help casinos optimize the player experience and make any needed adjustments to keep customers playing and coming back for more. Without this data, casinos are essentially flying blind and are left to react to customer complaints or machine malfunctions instead of proactively addressing minor issues before they become major ones.

A revolution is coming

Here at Acres, we’ve seen the lag in gaming technology and knew we could do something. We love this industry and want to make sure it keeps pace with the world and can attract a new generation of players to keep it going. That’s why we created Foundation, our game-changing technology which allows casinos to access real-time data from every slot machine to a transaction engine that can interface with any other data source, allowing a new dynamic between real-world and in-game events. Casinos can optimize the gaming experience by changing the credit meter balance on any game, for any reason, at any time. 

With our technology, the control is back in the hands of the casino so they can leverage the power of data to target bonuses to specific players or floor-wide, send rewards in the midst of a losing streak to ensure long-term brand loyalty, and send in-game promotions or add-ons to any display, mobile device, or sound system. This is the data revolution the industry needs. 

Data = progress

In today’s world of gizmos, gadgets, and endless streams of new ideas, customers expect that the brands they choose offer the most innovative products, and will quickly move on if that’s not the case. The gaming industry is currently incapable of meeting modern consumer demands and we want to reinvigorate it by arming casinos with a massive amount of real-time data, an adaptable credit meter on any game, and bonuses deployable to a player’s mobile device. We believe this is the path to optimizing every customer relationship and maximizing long-term profitability to stay relevant.

We believe this is the future of gaming technology – where casinos can access their data quickly and easily to improve the player experience and take charge of their data collection and analysis. Visit acresmanufacturing.com to learn more about the data revolution or schedule a demo to see Foundation in action.