The casino industry, like so many others, has seen unprecedented changes with the advent of digital technologies. And also, like many others, the industry has experienced ups and downs and struggled to branch out from legacy systems and vendors that have made it a challenge to find new methods and approaches to adapt. 

However, we do think the industry is starting to turn around, and many operators are thinking outside the box to reinvigorate the industry. For example, many casinos have embraced cashless technology as more customers ditch cash in favor of digital wallets and payments. And that’s just the beginning of the technology and trends that will change the face of the industry.

So, what are a few of the future trends the industry should keep an eye on? Keep reading to find out!

Three Casino Industry Trends to Watch

  1. Slot machines will level up their tech. With the traditional demographic of players aging out, casinos are working hard to attract younger generations. And that means they’ll have to get creative and level up their offerings. Slot machines – the tried and true game of most casinos – in particular will need to be upgraded to include a skill element to keep younger players engaged. After all, Millennials and Gen Z’ers were raised on games that push their minds and abilities to their limits (and they expect 24/7 entertainment).

    At Acres, we offer operators the ability to create personalized and exciting player experiences on any machine on the casino floor. Our Precision Bonusing platform can trigger any in-game or real-world event to delight any player and keep them playing. And the best part is, operators can reveal and send cash and other prizes to a player’s mobile device, which is the platform of choice for the modern consumer. This means that casinos can create truly unique experiences for each player, and while legacy bonusing products deploy the same themes across multiple casinos, Precision Bonusing empowers casinos to differentiate themselves by integrating their unique brand identity into on-the-floor casino bonusing.

  2. Ever-changing customer habits. The internet and mobile devices have undoubtedly changed the way we all consume entertainment and upped the ante on what customers expect from their brands. Online casinos and gaming have made it, so players don’t have to leave their house to gamble or enjoy the excitement of casinos. As a result, they’ve become choosier when it comes to their in-person experiences. It will be imperative for casino operators to stay ahead of changing customer expectations and ensure they’re delivering what customers expect.

    This could mean creating more personalized bonuses (see our tech above), offering incentives to play through reward or loyalty programs, or offering virtual experiences at land-based casinos. Additionally, skill-based games – which have been a hot topic for some time but have failed to achieve widespread adoption – could create a whole new line of business for casinos while also solving for how to attract underserved customers, like Millennials and Gen Z’ers. The key concept here is reconsidering tried and true tactics and understanding what type of gaming customers desire.

  3. The introduction of new table games. In addition to slot machines getting a facelift, operators will be looking to improve their table games to keep customers engaged. Games like blackjack and poker require a certain level of skill and mastery to increase the odds of winning, and unfortunately, not every player has this skill (or the desire to learn). That means operators will need to bring new table games to the floor that are still engaging and challenging, but have a smaller learning curve to master. 

Additionally, younger generations that have become familiar with a dizzying array of online and social games will expect to see similar offerings at casinos. This could also include a rise in interactive and VR gaming systems, even in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Keep an Eye on the Horizon

These trends are just the tip of the iceberg for what’s coming next for the casino industry. We’re in an unprecedented time when it comes to new technologies, and the speed at which they’re evolving and advancing. That means there will be ideas and adaptations that we can’t even imagine yet, but that could change the face of the industry as we know it. While this is an exciting moment, there are also challenges. And for casinos, those challenges can be compounded by government regulations and legacy vendors and systems. 

To ensure the industry can adapt and change to stay relevant, we believe that collaboration and open minds are necessary. At Acres, we’re continuing to find new ways to optimize the player experience and keep casinos relevant for the next generation.Curious to learn more about our technology? Schedule time to chat with us.